cable suspension

Length = 1500 mm
Cable suspension can be positioned as required.

System category

  • Pendant Tracks Pend48
  • Pendant Tracks Pend

Art.-No. 93604

cable suspension
Product Ranges
System Components
Track Systems
Pend, Pend48

The spacing of the suspension cables varies from project to project, which is why pendant track is initially supplied without suspension cables. Should the lengths of track/sections of track applied all be the same, we recommend you position the suspension cables evenly along the track: resulting in the same distance between the cable suspension and the end of the track on both sides, and a straight connector plus cable suspension where the sections of tracks are interconnected along the entire length of the track layout. Alternatively, as shown in the diagram, you can opt for a series of simple cable suspensions, which can be located anywhere along the track. The positioning of the cables and how they are connected to the track can be decided on independently. 
Make a sketch of the track layout you are designing and indicate the position and number of cable suspensions required (max. length = 2000 mm).