• LightLight

LightLight has established itself as a classic among all architectural low-voltage slimline track systems on the market today. LightLight is analog. Originally designed to achieve the optimum illumination of works of art. Its minimalist, functional design features highest standards in terms of material, workmanship and choice of light sources. The following seven criteria will assist you with your planning with LightLight 12V systems.

Select the track system from those available according to how the track is to be mounted. Is the track system to be surface or recess mounted on/in the wall or ceiling? Or perhaps pendant mounted? Every system, however it is mounted, has its own features and benefits when it comes to meeting the requirements for customised solutions. The concepts that can be realised using wall track, pendant track, ceiling track and recessed track systems provide you with some examples to assist you with your planning.

Track and system parts plus shades are available in three different finishes: alumatt, black (anodized aluminium), white (powder-coated aluminium, RAL 9016 matt). Due to the disproportionate increase in production costs, the polished finish is no longer part of the standard offer. An individual offer is possible, of course. Custom colours for track and shades can be produced in accordance with RAL, in a variety of anodised colours, or with a gold-leaf finish. Select the colour/finish that is best suited to the ambience of the space.

Make a rough sketch of how the track system is to run through the space (e.g. plan view) and note down the dimensions and mark in where the power supply is likely to be.

Select the LightLight luminaires and shades required and specify the number of luminaires required.

A choice of light sources is available for every luminaire. The order number for the light source is further defined by luminous colour (colour temperature), beam angle and wattage.

Overview of light sources 12 V

For all LightLight systems the supply voltage must be adjusted to 12 V. You can select between control gear in a design housing for visible mounting or control gear for concealed mounting (not on the track). It is important to note how electricity is fed into the system.

Overview of control gear 12 V (PDF)

The lighting industry has rapidly changed in recent years. It switched from halogen to LED lamp technology. The LightLight system was originally developed for the use of halogen lamps. Today, LED retrofit lamps are used instead. As it has turned out, these cannot be dimmed properly with some control gear-dimmer combinations. The variety of possible combinations makes it impossible to make a reliable statement about the dimmability of a system. Noise can occur, the retrofit lamps flicker intermittently or they can only be dimmed down to a limited extent.
For this reason, we recommend using the LightLight system exclusively without dimming.
For dimmable and controllable lighting concepts, use our 48 V Sense System, in which the control and operating devices are matched to each other for flawless operation of the LED lamps.