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Sense System is a digital lighting system developed by Buschfeld. The system runs on 48V and fulfils the highest requirements when it comes to creating state-of-the-art lighting scenarios using smart and complex radio standards, and lighting control protocols from Xicato or Casambi. Offering high levels of flexibility and versatility.

Integrated sensor and actuator technology. Sense System enables the creation of lighting scenarios where luminaires can be controlled individually and complex architectures aligned using light to meet changing requirements via an app. Depending on the space and user requirements, relevant data can be collected and transferred autonomously: in museums, sensors integrated into Sense System luminaires can collect and forward data on the flow of visitors, energy consumption, and much more.

We have compiled the most important criteria to assist you with your planning with Sense System.

Sense System comprises five different track systems: Wall48, Pend48, Ceiling48, In48 and the Mono48 individual luminaire. It is also possible to combine these in your design. First decide which of the track systems would best serve your purpose: is the track system to be surface or recess-mounted on the wall or ceiling, or possibly pendant mounted? How the track is mounted gives rise to a range of options for addressing the lighting task at hand. Apart from the typical lengths of linear track it is also possible to design bespoke track layouts and free-form shapes to align with the architecture of the space.

The concepts shown using wall track, pendant track, ceiling track and recessed track provide some examples to assist you with your planning.

Freestyler is a tool that enables the creation of three-dimensional luminous structures that underscore the design of spacious foyers and large, hall-like spaces. A wide range of new configurations can be realised using Freestyler. The system is based on Pend48 track: straight or curved sections of track can be assembled as required using innovative track connectors to design large-scale, ultra-slimline structures. Freestyler enables the creation of luminous structures in the form of spheres or stars. Rectangular or cylindrical structures can also be realised.
Overview of all Freestyler structures

Track and system parts are available in three different finishes – alumatt, black (anodized aluminium), white (powder-coated aluminium, RAL 9016 matt). Due to the disproportionate increase in production costs, the polished finish is no longer part of the standard offer. An individual offer is possible, of course. Custom colours for track and shades can be produced in accordance with RAL, in a variety of anodised colours, or with a gold-leaf finish. NB: light engines without shades are only available in black.

Every Buschfeld system has its own typical field of application. Concepts for track layouts range from strictly linear layouts to elaborate three-dimensional structures within the space. Besides showing you typical examples of application we will also be sharing some unusual ideas that can be realised using wall track, pendant track, ceiling track and recessed track.

Make a rough sketch of how the track system is to run through the space (e.g. plan view) and note down the dimensions. Then select the sections of track, and the connectors and power feeds required. Mark in where the power supply is likely to be.

A variety of luminaires are available for every track system. Select the luminaire(s) suitable for the task at hand and decide what lighting control you would like: On/Off, Casambi or Xicato Controls. All luminaires are supplied equipped with LEDs. The required type of optical light engine can be selected according to the features it offers.

Luminaires and lighting control

For all Buschfeld track you need to ensure you integrate control gear into your design layout to ensure the power supply of 230 V is regulated to enable the mounting of 48 V luminaires. You can select between control gear in a design housing for visible mounting or control gear for concealed mounting. The sum of the total wattage plus the length of the track serve as a basis for the choice of control gear.

more Information about control gear
Overview control gear 48 V (PDF)