• Sense System,
  • Lighting control

You are considering using smart lighting control in your own home to create lighting scenarios and appropriate atmospheres for different times of day or activities? – Buschfeld uses Casambi products for Sense System applications in private residences. Finnish manufacturer Casambi is a provider of state-of-the-art lighting control solutions that are radio standard-based and extremely user-friendly: the lighting can be remote-controlled via a smartphone. In the meantime, new radio standards (BLE) 5 now features a mesh networking function, which enables two-way, wireless data exchange between a large number of network participants.That means that luminaires can be interconnected to create a wireless network. Products from partner companies of Casambi are compatible with each other, just as all Casambi‘s in-house solutions are.

- control of groups of luminaires
- control of lighting scenarios
- integration of sensors into a system
- programming of timelines

- radio standard switch
- Casambi Xpress switch/remote control
- conventional switching systems with integral radio module
- other systems can be integrated
- smartphone
- tablet
- smartwatch
The system can be configured using an Apple or Android app.

- can be used intuitively, no technical know-how required
- uses Casambi Cloud for synchronisation of network data

- private homes
- small-scale projects
- commercial and large-scale projects

1 - double rocker wall switch, white, Easyfit wireless standard, screwed or glue mounted
2 - SC-Ti-CAS input module, for flush-mounting behind a conventional push-button wall switch 
3 - transmitter module for installation in mounting kits for wireless switches
4 - Casambi motion detector with buschfeld hide Adapter
5 - Casambi Xpress wireless wall switch