• Sense System

Programmable light: the timeless, pure aesthetics of digital. There are different luminaires available for every Buschfeld track system. Three new luminaires have been developed for Sense System – Thirty-Five, Fifty and Ninety-Five. All three are network-enabled directional spotlights, equipped with innovative electronics, and encased in a compact housing. For the first time, the design and type of luminaires, plus the lighting control chip and the light engine with different lighting features, are fitted firmly together to form one complete unit. Select the luminaire and the lighting control according to the lighting requirements in the space you are designing. Examples of the Fifty range mounted on track provide you with a basis for selecting suitable luminaires for your project. The light engine required can then be selected on the basis of the features the different light engines offer.


You know which objects are to be illuminated, and how. Fifty S is a directional spotlight for creating accent lighting in a space, Fifty fix is a downlight – both luminaires are designed for mounting on Pend48, Ceiling48 and In48 track. The range of track systems (Wall48, Pend48, Ceiling48 and In48) offer you many ways of creating the appropriate lighting solution.

Luminiares for Wall48
Luminaires for Pend48
Luminaires for Ceiling48
Luminaires for In48



Sense System works with lighting control protocols from Casambi and Xicato. A Casambi or Xicato compatible chip is integrated into every Sense System luminaire. The resulting network architecture enables every luminaire to be controlled individually and/or in groups.

The light can be switched on and off using a conventional light switch. It cannot be dimmed.

Finnish manufacturer Casambi is a provider of state-of-the-art lighting control solutions that are radio-based. Buschfeld uses Casambi products for Sense System applications in private residences.

Xicato Controls
The California-based company Xicato develops and produces LED light sources with a special focus on colour consistency and extremely high quality with regard to colour rendering and reliability. Qualities that are highly relevant in professional environments such as museums. Xicato Controls now also comprise smart radio lighting controls and control software.


Buschfeld’s Sense System® luminaires are based on and around light engines from Soraa. Light engines are the LED equivalent to a conventional luminaire. The LED chips are programmed to be able to deliver a variety of different lighting features, such as colour temperature and beam angle. Their COB (Chip-on-Board) is built around groundbreaking GaN on GaN™ LED technology that ensures clearly focussed light with practically perfect light distribution, uniform colour temperature and smooth, flowing transitions. Sense System luminaire ranges Ninety-Five and Fifty, for example, also work well with light engines equipped with the Snap system, which allows filter attachments to be applied to adjust the beam angle or colour temperature.

Quality of the light sources by Soraa



The 15° Light Engine Fifty Snap and the 9° Light Engine Ninety-Five Snap feature a self-centering magnet which enables a wide range of filters to be attached to the luminaire without tools to adjust the beam angle or colour temperature. A honeycomb louvre can also be applied to enhance glare control. Different combinations of filters can be applied, offering maximum flexibility prior to installation of the luminaires. Depending on the filter applied, the luminous flux may be reduced by up to 10%.