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When positioning and installing the mounting devices for the suspension cables, ensure that the distance between the cables is 2000 mm max. That is to say, in the case of long stretches of track, one section of pendant track may only be suspended from one cable – provided that further strain/load can be ruled out. Please note that heavy control gear units (Bigbox & Cube) must be secured via an additional suspension cables. A suspension cable normally measures 1500 mm, so the optimum height at which the track is installed is 2500 mm.


For the low voltage power feed for pendant track systems you can opt to use power rods (back left in the drawing) or cables. Power feed via cables is a good option when the power connection point on the ceiling is not positioned directly above the stretch of track. In both cases you will need a recessed or surface-mounted socket-outlet. (Not illustrated: control gear for visible mounting is supplied in a design housing and can be mounted directly onto the pendant track from below using the adapter feeds supplied by Buschfeld. The connecting cable fur the control gear is silver transparent and 1500 mm long.) 


The spacing of the suspension cables varies from project to project, which is why pendant track is initially supplied without suspension cables. Should the lengths of track/sections of track applied all be the same, we recommend you position the suspension cables evenly along the track: resulting in the same distance between the cable suspension and the end of the track on both sides, and a straight connector plus cable suspension where the sections of tracks are interconnected along the entire length of the track layout. Alternatively, as shown in the diagram, you can opt for a series of simple cable suspensions, which can be located anywhere along the track. The straight connector (centre) connects sections of track basically in a straight line. The positioning of the cables and how they are connected to the track can be decided on independently of one another.  Make a sketch of the track layout you are designing and indicate the position and number of cable suspensions required (max. length = 2000 mm).