• Installation

The installation of the tracks is initially the same for the LightLight and Sense System. However, please note the instructions when connecting the Buschfeld light track. On this How it Works page, the installation of the systems is explained in short steps.

Full assembly instructions can be found here >>


Fasten the Buschfeld adapters (= fastening set Standard; Mini or Flat clip) to the ceiling or wall, at least 2 adapters per track 2000 mm. Maximum distance from the track ends 500 mm each. Secure the Cube and Bigbox control gear with an additional adapter (2.)


Turn the side latch of the Buschfeld adapter to 90 °, put the track on, turn the latch of the adapter back by 90 ° (2b).


Installation to be carried out by qualified personnale only! Disconnect the system!


Lighting tracks Sense System or LightLight:
When connecting the infeed and the control gear, the + / - polarity must be observed!
+ Brass inner conductor of the track
- track itself
The polarity is usually also marked with a sticker on the feed.


Installation to be carried out by qualified personnale only! Disconnect the system!


Secure heavy control gear (A) such as Cube, Bigbox and Bigbox48 in the designer housing (on track level) for visible mounting with an additional adapter (D) to the ceiling. Carefully pull the housing cover off the base plate, turn the side latches (E) of the adapter to 90 °. One adapter has a golden contact pin (B), this adapter must be in contact with the inner conductor of the pendant track. If necessary, turn the base plate by 180 °.


Insert both adapters into the track channel, pressing firmly into the track; Turn back the side latches (E) of the adapter by 90 °. Establish a connection on the primary side. With Bigbox, plug the earthing cable onto the earthing lug on the housing cover.


Replace the control gear housing, pressing all springs (F) together lightly, and push the housing (G) carefully into place.