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Buschfeld recessed track comprises ultra-slimline track systems for recessed mounting on ceilings or walls. Directional spotlights can be inserted anywhere along the track without tools or positioned to alternate with the Led Strip lighting module. Recessed track applications need to be planned well in advance, given that the dry construction profile (aluminium profile) needs to already have been installed in the dry wall construction in order for the track to be recess mounted subsequently. Once the surface has been plastered and painted, all that remains visible is a 10 mm wide line. Nothing else can be seen. The design principles for Sense System (48 volt) and LightLight (12 volt) are initially the same.


Below you will find examples of the most common applications, indicating which components are used in combination with the ceiling track. The product numbers quoted are to be read as examples; they apply to components with a white finish.


The recessed track system can be applied in room corners / horizontal-vertical corners. The track layout must be planned with care. Make sure you have the exact measurements for the lengths of recessed track and you know where the power supply is located, or where the control gear is to be accommodated. The dry construction profile (see detailed drawing) must already have been mounted in the course of the dry wall construction phase. Otherwise the recessed track cannot be installed. Later the track can be connected linearly and clicked into place. The only thing that remains visible is the width of the track (10mm) and the 1 mm high curved finish on the track. The selected finish is thus visible.


The new version of the dry construction edging profile is practically the same as the standard version. However, using this profile, you can position the track at the edge of the space and illuminate the room from the "shadows". Important for subsequent planning: select luminaires with a cantilever arm, i.e. luminaires for application on Wall48 or Wall track.


The drawing illustrates two further aspects pertaining to recessed track: short lengths of track can also be useful. "Recessed" free-standing luminaires for spaces that do not have enough room for additional furniture items – provided there is a niche available that can accommodate the track. Or in public spaces where flexible installation options are frequently sought after, but any structures in the space are to be left untouched. The second aspect refers to the mounting clip for in-part recess mounting. This clip allows the recessed track to extend 5 mm above the edge of the groove the dry construction profile is installed in (standard 1mm, see image above), if more of the structure is to be visible.


Slimline linear LED luminaire that delivers a uniform spread of light, thus supporting a consistent ambient lighting effect. Led Strip can be applied as an individual luminaire. In combination with the Buschfeld recessed track system Led Strip can be mounted in the dry construction profile. In the above drawing sections of recessed track alternate with Led Strip. The Led Strip modules can be interconnected quickly and easily without tools to form a line of light of the required length. Led Strip can be used with LightLight as well as with Sense System.


Recessed track for recessed mounting. When it comes to applying recessed track in shelving systems we recommend using the specially developed mounting clip for recess mounting in shelves (since it is extremely slimline). The clips are first screwed into place in the groove (10.5 mm wide / 40 mm deep), the recessed track aligned to the groove and then pressed into place on the clips. When developing your lighting concept, please be sure to plan in where the control gear is to be accommodated (e.g. in/above the upper shelf) and where the secondary circuit supply line is to be fed into the recessed track. There is no more efficient way of realising shelf lighting.


Dimensions in millimetres. We continually refer to the modular system on which Buschfeld lighting systems are based. When it comes to your design, this means that you can define track layouts using standard track, angles and corners available. With regard to custom lengths, shaping and mounting solutions: make a rough sketch of what you are designing and send us an e-mail.