• Installation

The installation of the tracks is initially the same for the LightLight and Sense System. However, please note the instructions when connecting the Buschfeld light track. On this How it Works page, the installation of the systems is explained in short steps. Full assembly instructions can be found here >>

For the recessed tracks In48, In and Led Strip you need the dry installation profile (item no. 98200), depending on the course of the route also the corner elements (item no. 98050 and 98055). Prepare the substructure for the assembly of the drywall profiles. Determine the approximate position of the power feed = connection of the Buschfeld tracks.


Prepare recessed profile (B) for installtion:
- DO NOT REMOVE protective foam (S). 
- Where ist the postion of the power feed for recessed tracks or led strip? Use the outlet at the end of the profile or for central feed a position along the profile (G). Deburr carefully so that the connection strands are not damaged.
- Cables can be led laterally in the cable ducts (D) up to the feed.
- Profiles can be connected in rows by inserting the profile connectors (H) into the slots provided on the lower section of the profiles.
- The profile is screwed onto the wall and ceiling substructure from below.


Mount the substructure for the drywall ceiling, ensuring there is sufficient space to mount the recessed profile. Minimum 50 mm. Use a laser level (W) to align the route of track.


Screw the recessed profile to the substructure from below.


In the case of corner situations: corner elements can be ordered, or mitre cuts can be made on 2 profiles.


Insert the profile connectors (H) and align the recessed profiles.


Connect the control gear for concealed installation, pass the secondary cable through the recessed profile (in this case) (G

Cable feed: Use only litz wires with wire end sleeves in the screw contacts of the recessed tracks. Please note the marking (+) for the connection of the live conductor.


When mounting drywall ceilings, position the plasterboard over the wings of the recessed profile.


Apply the sealing strip to align with the protective foam.


Fill the ceiling to create a smooth finish. Paint the ceiling. When it is dry carefully loosen the protective foam (S) and remove it from the recessed profile.


Screw in the mounting clips (C) for the recessed track and make sure they are aligned correctly. 

The fastening clips with magnetic button (M) for the Led Strip modules are included with the Led Strip packages; they are also screwed into the drywall profile.


Lighting tracks with power feed for cable feed (A): Use only litz wires with wire end sleeves in the screw contacts of the recessed tracks. 

Lighting tracks Sense System or LightLight:
When connecting the power feed and the control gear, the + / - polarity must be observed!
+ Brass inner conductor of the track
- track itself
The polarity is usually also marked with a sticker on the power feed.

Led Strip (24 V DC):
Please note the marking (+/-) for the connection!
max. 55 Watt per power feed, than feed in again.
Led Strip modules (L) can be mounted alternately with the lighting tracks of the Sense System or Light Light.


Push the connecting strands back into the drywall profile carefully. With light pressure click the track (A) onto the fastening clips (C). The Led Strip Module (L) can easily be snapped onto the magnetic holder (M). (B) identifies the drywall profile with cable duct (D) for additional cables in a sectional view.