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Our classical chandelier Rondo, and its modern equivalent Sphere, are a clear demonstration of how we view the endless scope of our track for the creation of luminous objects. Cooperating with Ingo Maurer has expanded our lighting vocabulary to include poetic luminaires (e.g. Lucellino) designed for Buschfeld track. The tracks applied for the Birds' Flight installation are shaped to create the impression of the natural movement of birds in the sky. The example shown here is the Birds' Flight installation in Design Post Köln. Large-scale luminous objects are coordinated with the Ingo Maurer design team and created on an individual basis.

Explanation of the principle of curved track. In the case of this installation a structure comprising an interwoven set-up of sections of white track is designed to resemble a pattern of the flight of birds - in small, or suddenly large, circles or simply in straight lines - finding their way elegantly and easily through the space. The "flight paths" brush the walls, or are fixed on a wall and end there.

The sections of track are available in various lengths and designs: arc-shaped or straight sections. Using linear connectors, these can be aligned like a string of pearls. Buschfeld track can be curved in three directions. This is done manually. Given the material they are made of, this may result in slight discrepancies. In the case of large-scale installations, it is recommended to mount the structure firmly on the walls in the space. When it comes to determining where exactly parts of the structure are to be fixed, the sections of track can be pressed into place on site.

The following should be observed when installing:
- suspension points for cable suspension, optimum positioning on the section of track to ensure the perpendicular position on the ceiling in the space
- colour of track
- number / position of Lucellino luminaires
- spots for base lighting
- lighting control
- positioning of control gear
- feed point (48 V) on every section of track