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An innovative connecting element - the basis for a new way of thinking about modern design with lighting tracks. Each individual tracks can change its course from a basic structure and be continued as an arc, an angle, a tangent or a circle. These connectors are purely mechanical connectors. The lighting tracks are thus guided concentrically in the "upper" rail channel.

With three rails we reach the Tri profile. We offer the vertical connectors with up to 12 tracks. There is initially no limit to the length of the structure. Several of the vertical connectors provide more stability in the structure. From this very stable "central trunk", the individual tracks can be angled or continued in circular arc segments. For elegant configurations on the floor, wall, ceiling or free in the room. One or more fixings on the ceiling are absolutely necessary.
A conductive plate must be manufactured for voltage distribution in all segments. This will be coordinated with you during planning the lighting.