Buschfeld lighting systems are based on a modular system. Comprising individual elements and a choice of options. Which means you can design your lighting to suit individual requirements. Which and how many elements are required, and how and where are they to be applied? The following points have been compiled to assist you with your planning for Sense System (48V).

Xicato has been developing and producing LED light sources since 2007, with a special focus on colour con-sistency and extremely high quality with regard to colour rendering and reliability. In 2013, Xicato Controls added smart radio standards lighting controls and control software to their portfolio.

Finnish manufacturer Casambi is a provider of state-of-the-art lighting control solutions that are radio standard-based and enable a wireless data link between two participants, i.e. luminaires. Buschfeld uses Casambi products for Sense System applications in private residences or spaces.

Our quick reference guide provides information to support you when realising your first installation using this system, or when updating Buschfeld luminaires already installed with Casambi lighting control.