Buschfeld x Woopies / Swisswool

In cooperation with Woopies acoustic elements made of natural raw material from Swisswool, Buschfeld offers further designs that provide multi-faceted design possibilities, especially in large-scale working environments:

Suspended Buschfeld tracks become the support for the Woopies acoustic panels made of sheeps´ wool: here, only a track-wide joint is precisely cut into the Woopies natural materials. The panel is placed on the light track and lies stably in horizontal alignment on it. No clamps, adhesives or further fastening to the ceiling are necessary.

Geometric structures. The product fusion becomes a floating eye-catcher in the room. Other versions are possible, Buschfeld & Woopies can be adapted to the most diverse room concepts: Using the same principle, installations on the wall are also possible, for example. In addition, the panels are available in a wide range of sizes and can even be cut to size.

Thanks to the simple product connection, the panels can be flexibly repositioned or exchanged without effort when room conditions change.

Individual adaptation is also a top priority when it comes to colour selection: Whether tone-in-tone with the Buschfeld light track or in deliberate contrast to the track - the Woopies elements are available in many - even strong - colours.

The light track is placed on the acoustic panel. Together, the two create an installation on the wall.
Here, the track frame is recessed approx. 10 mm into the Woopie. The combination thus becomes an eye-catcher, good for the ears.

Coloured cables. Design variety down to the last detail: with Creative Cables, Buschfeld also offers a selection of coloured textile cables manufactured to a high standard in Italy. In this way, further coloured accents can be set, matching the colour code of the tracks, the panels, the interior. Furthermore, additional colours and unusual patterns can be easily obtained by the customer directly from Creative Cables and connected themselves.

This current fusion of light and acoustics provides new inspiration for designing modern rooms, work contexts and objects in a flexible and customised way, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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