rondo - chandelier

LightLight® RONDO is the modular low-voltage ring-shaped system for the design of individual chandeliers and structures.  RONDO is custom made on the basis of the LightLight PEND and LightLight CEILING systems. Standard modules measuring 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm in diameter are available for the design of chandeliers.
Custom dimensions are possible. The individual rings of a given chandelier can be suspended on the same or vertically on different levels, or mounted directly onto the ceiling. Designs can be created using all LightLight PEND/CEILING luminaires. Especially recommended are BALANCE 25 / MAX / SHOP 13 / SHOP-V 5 and SPOT 5. SHOP 13 and BALANCE 25 combine especially well.

"alte Fuggerei" in Augsburg, presents RONDO chandeliers - a project by Dreimeta, Armin Fischer (Foto: Steve Herud, Berlin)
New residence Bamberg, Baroque gallery - chandelier RONDO and luminaires SPOT 5 in alumatt
(Photos by Michael Tewes, Berlin)