Sense System x Creative Cables

In times when power cables are becoming increasingly obsolete due to digital technologies, Buschfeld is making a comeback as a design element. With "Creative Cables", Buschfeld is expanding the design possibilities of its filigree track structures to include equally filigree textile cables that emerge from the track as a soft line.

The colour selection of the cables is coordinated with the warm loden fabrics of the Woopies acoustic panels.

You can also play with the colour contrast between the cable and the track. Furthermore, the length of the cable can become a design dimension: Long lengths of cable can be effortlessly tied and twisted into elegant loops, random slings and free curved lines, can be casually draped over track elements or adapted to architectural structures.

Buschfeld provides the "Creative Cables" in a small standard colour selection. Individual colours and very unusual designs can easily be obtained directly from Creative Cables and connected by the customer.

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Das Textilkabel wird als dekorativer Hingucker auch an System 180 Möbeln verwendet.

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