Buschfeld x System 180

When acting together, the complex requirements of modern working environments can be answered better .

There are many overlaps in the DNA of Buschfeld and the office furniture manufacturer System 180: Modularity, high quality workmanship, durability in design and materiality, the idea of a system, flexibility in use. The concept of being backwards compatible - for example, to continue to use and update Buschfeld lighting tracks and System 180 furniture that have already existed for 30 years in the spirit of sustainable responsibility - also connects the two companies. 

The solution offered by Buschfeld together with System 180 in its cooperation is simple but precise: The lighting tracks are fixed to the furniture by a new, specially developed fastening clips. Reliably and effortlessly, they can be clipped to any free area of the furniture system tubes.

Based on this new connection, a wide variety of light-furniture ensembles can be designed, to be customized to meet any requirement. Selected combinations can be changed again at any time later. Also it can be flexibly adapted to new scenarios in the office or object.

Ideally, in the future the combination of light and furniture should already be offered during the planning stage.

However, the easy-to-install clips mean that an existing System 180 furniture can also be expanded with the Buschfeld lighting track system at a later date.

There is exciting potential for further developments in the Buschfeld x System 180 cooperation: What if, for example, the light rail is not only used as a power supply for light? - It is conceivable that other consumers - smart phone, laptop, etc. - could also be docked on.

About System 180. System 180 develops and manufactures modular furniture and individual room solutions for contemporary working environments. The products, which are 100% manufactured in Berlin, reflect the changes of a digital world: universal functionality, constructive, timeless design and high-quality workmanship are combined here.

The last years were characterized by versatile, agile solutions with room dividers, shelves, furniture for mobile screens, creative boards or the versatile and mobile stands Sit Up.

System 180 is now also integrated into interior design for room partitions and zoning.

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