Workers Museum Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Workers' Museum is located in the Workers' Assembly Building from 1879. In 2021, those responsible for the extensive renovation placed great emphasis on preserving the original aesthetics. The carefully coordinated colour tones, the choice of historic materials - nothing was left to chance. Lighting designers Fortheloveoflight devotedly incorporated all aspects into their work: Custom-made products and standards from the Buschfeld portfolio could be used in the museum for various lighting tasks. Whether it was a large atmosphere in the ballroom, rich in decorations, artistic details, and fine wood carvings; or accent lighting for gallery walls in the smaller exhibition rooms. Congratulations to Fortheloveoflight on this project. 

Fortheloveoflight stage a unique museum experience with light and sound.

Wall lamp on columns 
exact adaptation to column shape, as well as construction and surface: burnished brass
Luminaires: Ninety-Five S and Fifty S (spots with Soraa Snap SystemTM, Snap filter and louvre; incl. custom-made shade)

Lighting systems on the gallery
Ceiling48, custom-made surface: burnished brass
Luminaires: Fifty S (incl. custom shade)

Individual luminaires Fifty S
- special mounting as Mono luminaires under the gallery, integration in glass ceiling, custom-made surface
- spotlight on central chandelier as accent lighting for hall ceiling, custom-made fixture

Lighting systems for further exhibition rooms
recessed track systems In48, surface: white (standard) as well as custom-made: burnished brass 
Luminaires: Fifty S

Light control: Casambi
Beam angle: Spots with Soraa Snap System TM and filter attachments and louvres
                     Flood 25° and 36
Colour temperature: 3000 K   
CRI: 95
Custom made: burnished brass finish
                        central mounting arms in the light head
                        individual luminaires Adjustment of mounting

The Banquet Hall is the heart of the old Workers’ Assembly Building, which dates from 1879.
Perfectly hidden. And yet countless Fifty spots can be found in the cassette ceiling and in lighting tracks on the balcony.
Perfect in material and form: Adaptation of wall luminaires with Ninety-Five and Fifty spotlights in custom colour: burnished brass.
Gallery wall lighting: Fifty S directional spotlight installed in the In48 recessed track.

Visit the Workers Museum on site:  Rømersgade 22; 1362 Copenhagen K
or digital: Arbejdermuseet

Client: Workersmuseum, Danish Architecture Association, Nationalmuseets konservatorer 
Lighting design: Fortheloveoflight 
Photos:  Adam Mørk
Fixtures & custom solutions: Buscheld Design

Installation: Wedelinstallation
A/V design and programming: Taintec
Sound artists: Kunstnerkollektivet Vontrapp
Lighting control: Casambi + Medialon Control
Video: Longfeiwang
Restoration of original pendants: Metalsmeden
Custom light sources: e3light
Grafical design: Nanna Arnfred