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Sense System & LightLight

here you can find the 2022 price lists for our Sense System (48 V)  and our LightLight System (12 V) for download.

Sense System         |        LightLight       |       light sources *   

* These lists are password protected. Please contact us if you need the access rights.
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­The Sense System price list has been expanded to include an overview of the System Sets. This enables you to estimate the costs incurred before you undertake any detailed planning. An overview of the System Sets can be found on pages 14-19.

Our systems are constantly undergoing further development and optimisation. When working on projects, we develop new solutions, which we apply if appropriate when developing our products and systems. Over the past few years the proportion of project-related custom-made products, in the case of both LightLight and Sense System, has grown steadily. For this reason our price list now includes Professional Products. These involve special delivery times and freight rates, which you are most welcome to enquire about.

Updates on our pricelists

Adjustments and additions to both price lists will be available in future as an update and sent via our e-mail administrator.
Using this link you can sign up to receive updated price lists.     

Alternatively, you will find our price lists on our website under Service/Downloads.