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Sense System x Creative Cables

In a new Sense System version, the Buschfeld track meets colored textile cables. From the simple, linear connection between two tracks to casually designed cable routes, everything is possible!

In times when power cables are becoming increasingly obsolete due to digital technologies, Buschfeld is bringing them back into the spotlight as a design element.

With "Creative Cables", Buschfeld is extending the design possibilities of the filigree track structures to include equally filigree textile cables that protrude from the track as a soft line. In the showroom, Buschfeld presents for the first time three-metre-long black track elements that are elegantly connected by a loosely hanging light blue cable. Elsewhere, a light green cable becomes the connector. A further structure becomes an aesthetic eye-catcher because the cable is tone-in-tone with the black track and runs from the power feed starting at the wall across the floor to the track. Many other constellations are possible.

Photo: Silke Steinraths

The high-quality cables, manufactured in Italy, can be used to create colourful accents, for example to match the colour code of the track or the interior. It is also possible to play with the colour contrast between the cable and the track. Furthermore, the length of the cable can become a design feature: Long lengths can be effortlessly tied and twisted into elegant loops, random slings and tailored curved lines. They can be casually draped over track elements or adapted to architectural structures.

Buschfeld provides the "Creative Cables" in a small standard colour selection. Individual colours and exceptional designs can be easily obtained directly from Creative Cables and connected by the customer.

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