Picture luminaire
Design: Hans Buschfeld

Classic picture luminaire, both height of the lamp and height of picture rod are adjustable. Extremely good illumination up to 500 x 700 mm format. The luminaire can be adjusted to fulfill museum lighting requirements.

system category

  • track WALL


Art.-No. 10100

track WALL, alumatt, b15

Selecting the right light source

  • LED - Aluline
  • Halogen - Aluline
Light sources are not automatically supplied with the product and must be ordered separately.

In order to be able to adapt to different room heights, the triangular form of the luminaire and the position of the picture rod are adjustable in height. The distance of the luminaire from the wall (550 mm) must be maintained to ensure the picture is illuminated uniformly. In the case of mounting heights of 3 to 3.5 m Angle can be supplied in custom lengths.