bigbox pend/ceiling 264

Electronic Design-Transformer for visible mounting on LightLight® PEND, CEILING

- PRI: 90-305 V AC oder 127-431 V DC |  SEC: 12 V DC | 264 W 
- with integral short circuit, overheating and overload protection, and soft start
- primary supply line transparent silver 1.5 m
- adapter feed included
- 2 end caps
- for track lengths up to 15 m
- track length depending on national regulations
- dimensions: 375 x 66 x 120 mm
- weight: 3,0 kg 

Art.-No. 90637 a

bigbox pend/ceiling 264

The BOX PEND/CEILING electronic safety transformer with aluminium housing for visible mounting guarantees safe, uninterrupted operation for any positioning on LightLight® PEND/CEILING track as required without tools. US: UL or ETL listed transformers (110 V) on request. The Design-Transformer is available in two different power versions.

The necessary transmitter C1 and C2 could be used single or in combination.
C1 - wireless transmitter - article-Nr. 97906
C2 - remote control - article-Nr. 97907

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