bigbox wall 264

switching power supply for visible mounting in LightLight® System

- PRI: 90-305 V AC oder 127-431 V DC |  SEC: 12 V DC | 264 W 
- with integral short circuit, overheating and overload protection, and soft start
- with primary supply line transparent silver 0.5 m
- connection terminal included
- adapter feed included
- 2 end caps
- for track lengths up to 15 m
- track length depending on national regulations
- dimensions: 375 x 60 x 120 mm
- weight: 3,0 kg 

System category

  • Wall Tracks Wall


Art.-No. 12-90627 b

bigbox wall 264
Control Gear
not dimmable
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Control gears

The Box Wall switching power supply with aluminium housing for visible mounting guarantees safe, uninterrupted operation for any positioning on LightLight® Wall track as required without tools. US: UL or ETL listed transformers (110 V) on request. The Design control gear is available in two different power versions.

Note on the control gear: The lighting industry has rapidly changed in recent years. It switched from halogen to LED lamp technology. The LightLight system was originally developed for the use of halogen lamps. Today, LED retrofit lamps are used instead. As it has turned out, these cannot be dimmed properly with some control gear-dimmer combinations. The variety of possible combinations makes it impossible to make a reliable statement about the dimmability of a system. Noise can occur, the retrofit lamps flicker intermittently or they can only be dimmed down to a limited extent.
For this reason, we recommend using the LightLight system exclusively without dimming.
For dimmable and controllable lighting concepts, use our 48 V Sense System, in which the control and operating devices are matched to each other for flawless operation of the LED lamps.

​​​Control gear 12 V - How it works