cube pend/ceiling 300

Magnetic transformer for visible mounting in the LightLight® PEND- or LightLight® CEILING system.

- PRI 230-240V | SEC 11,5 V | AC | 300 VA
- with primary supply line transparent silver 1.5 m
- not dimmable
- 2 end caps
- adapter feed included, for track installation
- connection terminal included, for ceiling installation
- track length up to 15 m
- dimensions: 145 x 86 x 145 mm
- 4,5 kg


Art.-No. 90725 b

cube pend/ceiling 300

The CUBE PEND/CEILING magnetic transformer for visible mounting completes the system, and guarantees safe, uninterrupted operation. US: UL or ETL listed transformers (110 V) on request. The good electrical properties of the materials used, the »coaxiale« design, large-diameter conductors and high-performance connectors make for low loss energy flow.
Control gear 12 V - How it works