mini projector

Discover our innovative projector for the Sense System, which perfectly showcases your exhibits in the museum or at home. With precise beam angles and flexible light fields, it creates impressive highlights and sets special accents.

Variants and features
- Precise beam angle / zoom: 15° - 36° or 55° fixed
- Light fields: Round light fields up to 5100 mm and
  angular up to an edge length of 3600 mm
- Colour temperatures: 3000 K (2700 K and 4000 K on request)
- Control: Casambi app
- Colour rendering: >97

Experience exceptional quality of light and versatile application possibilities.

System category

  • Pendant Tracks Pend48
  • Ceiling Tracks Ceiling48
  • Recessed Tracks In48
  • Creative Collection
  • Floor Luminaires

Transform your space with precise lighting. Our mini projectors for the Sense System make every detail shine, whether in a museum exhibition or in your home. These projectors highlight the essentials and create the perfect atmosphere.

Precision in lighting design
Imagine walking through a gallery, each exhibit perfectly lit to bring out its beauty and detail. Or think of your living room, where your favorite art or decoration is presented in the best light. With the focused light beam and adjustable light fields, our projectors make this possible.

Thanks to the four glare slider, round light fields up to Ø 5000 mm or rectangular light fields with an edge length of up to 5600 mm can be created. In contrast to conventional luminaires, the light field can be set up with absolute precision, with very clear edges but also a diffuse gradient. With precise beam angles from 15° to 36° (or 55° fixed), the projectors ensure that every nuance of your collection is shown to its best advantage.

Projectors for the Sense system
These innovative mini projectors from Besun are equipped with all the technical features needed to be integrated into the 48 V tracks of the Sense system. Equipped with the Buschfeld hide adapter, each projector fits seamlessly into the tracks. Casambi-ready, the projectors, like other Buschfeld luminaires, can be integrated into the lighting control system and included in lighting scenes. Control via the Casambi app allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your requirements.

With the mini projectors, you can present your exhibits in the best light both professionally in public exhibitions and privately. Experience exceptional light quality and versatile application options.