freestyler blade wheel 350

Vertical sections of track connected via a star-shaped element enable designers to sound out new dimensions. Can be applied as a pendant or free-standing luminaire. Other dimensions for the same price provided height and diameter are no greater than 4000 mm.

- Ø = 350mm, height 3300 mm
- wheel with varying number of beams
- catenary suspension 
- standard: luminaire modules are locked into place 
  on the outer surface

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  • Freestyler


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freestyler blade wheel 350
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Freestyler is an evolutionary tool to create large-format luminous structures in geometric, three-dimensional shapes. Based on the buschfeld Pend track system, straight or curved elements can now be assembled and combined in different ways to design luminous structures and bodies, where 48 V DC Sense System spotlights can be positioned. Freestyler takes individual requirements into account: Its modular concept also allows for almost any design of tailor-made lighting structures. Strikingly attractive, geometric, minimalist. Freestyler – a tool for creating unique lighting scenarios.

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