led strip extension module, without power feed

project-related luminaire

length: 560 mm / 839 mm / 1118 mm
wattage: 7 W / 11 W / 15 W

operating voltage: 24 V DC, dimmable
lifespan: 50,000 hours
colour temperature: 3000 K
luminous efficacy: 74 lm/W
protection rating: IP20
beam angle: 120°
CRI > 90
55 W max. per module combination, then new power feed required!
supplied with mounting accessories and magnetic clips for latching into place

System category

  • Recessed Tracks In48

The slimline linear LED luminaire delivers a clear, clean line of light. Led Strip can be applied as an individual luminaire.  In combination with the Buschfeld recessed track system, Led Strip can be applied in the dry construction profile. In this case, sections of In48 recessed track alternate with Led Strip modules. The Led Strip modules can be interconnected easily and without tools to form a line of light. Led Strip can be applied with both the LightLight system and Sense System.