marble48 floor 3030

free-standing luminaire

PRI 230 V | SEC 48 V
height: 3030 mm
power supply unit in base
base 330 x 150 mm x 95 mm, 2,2 kg
cable with europlug 2,5 m, black
plus luminaires, e.g. Ninety-Five S, Fifty S and Thirty-Five S

System category

  • Creative Collection
  • Floor Luminaires


Art.-No. 48-97303 b

marble48 floor 3030
Product Ranges
Track Systems
Floor Luminaires, Creative Collection

We offer the free-standing luminaire with tracks in the colours black, white and alumatt. 

Complete the free-standing luminaire with directional spotlights of your choice e.g.
- max. 4 pcs. Ninety-Five S or
- max. 6 pcs. Fifty S or
- max. 10 pcs. Thirty-Five S