tri48 floor

free-standing luminaire

The Tri48 Floor luminaire combines modern design and versatile functionality, available in two impressive heights – 2000 mm and 3000 mm. With its sturdy base and innovative track system, it allows for flexible mounting of Buschfeld lights as desired. Ideal for historic salons and rooms with valuable wall and ceiling decorations, the Tri48 Floor offers a free-standing lighting solution without the need for complex installations. Featuring integrated lighting control with Casambi and a selection of spotlights like Ninety-Five S and Fifty XS, it is the perfect choice for customizable and controllable light sources.

- PRI 230 V | SEC 48 V | 240 W
- Base Ø 500 mm, 25 kg
- Power Supply Unit in base
- Power Cord: 2.5 m, black, with safety plug
- Foot Switch: black #8404 b, optional

Select the directional spotlights you require for mounting on the Tri48 Floor free-standing luminaire: Ninety-Five S, Fifty S, Fifty XS, Thirty-Five S and Thirty-Five XS

System category

  • Floor Luminaires

Height of floor luminaire

Art.-No. 48-97200 b

tri48 floor
Height of floor luminaire
~ 2000 mm
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Floor Luminaires
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Elegant Flexibility and Powerful Lighting
The Tri48 Floor luminaire sets new standards in design and functionality. Available in two impressive heights – 2000 mm and 3000 mm – it offers a versatile solution for any room layout. The heavy  base, with a diameter of 500 mm and a weight of 25 kg, ensures stable footing and an elegant presence.

Innovative Design
The core of the Tri48 Floor consists of a unique luminaire shaft made up of three vertical tracks. These tracks provide flexible mounting options for Buschfeld lights, which can be adjusted according to the lighting task. This creates a personalized lighting solution perfectly tailored to your needs. The Tri48 Floor can accommodate up to 11 Ninety-Five or 14 Fifty spotlights, creating a personalized lighting solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

Versatility Without Compromise
Whether as a complement to ceiling or wall-mounted light tracks or as a standalone lighting solution, the Tri48 Floor luminaire excels in any situation. Its free-standing design and easy connection make it ideal for historic salons with valuable wall and ceiling decorations, as no complex installations are required.

Typical applications include museums, art galleries, churches, or public institutions – anywhere stability is prioritized over minimalism. Despite this, it remains flexible, making it suitable for short-term, temporary light installations. The number and programming of light heads can be continually adjusted, supported by integrated lighting control with Casambi.

Digital Control for Maximum Flexibility
Modern digital control allows for precise and flexible lighting without additional installation effort or control wiring. Choose the appropriate spotlights from a variety of options: Ninety-Five S, Fifty S, Fifty XS, Thirty-Five S, and Thirty-Five XS, to create the perfect lighting ambiance.

Numbers of luminaires per free-standig luminaire:
Ninety-Five S                         1 - 11
Fifty S, Fifty XS                      1 - 14
Thirty-Five S, Thirty-Five XS  1 - 25