tri48 floor

free-standing luminaire

PRI 230 V | SEC 48 V
power supply unit in base
base diameter 500 mm, height 75 mm, weight 20 kg
colours of base and pole can be different

Select the directional spotlights you require for mounting on the Tri48 Floor free-standing luminaire. 
Ninety-Five S, Fifty S, Fifty XS, Thirty-Five S and Thirty-Five XS

System category

  • Floor Luminaires

Art.-No. 48-97200 w

tri48 floor
~ 2000 mm
Track Systems
Floor Luminaires
Product Ranges

numbers of luminaires per free-standig luminaire:

Ninety-Five S                         1 - 12
Fifty S, Fifty XS                      1 - 16
Thirty-Five S, Thirty-Five XS  1 - 28

optional foot switch black   Art.-No. 8404b