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Ceiling48 & Ceiling: You are looking to install a straight line the length of the ceiling – or does your lighting design incorporate more unique features? Is the space you are designing in an old building where the lighting concept did not allow for or envisage light in this part of the room? – Buschfeld ceiling track is mounted with the aid of a few thin screws and an adapter. This simple way of mounting the track is as interesting for a permanent lighting solution as it is for a temporary installation, which is an important criterion when installing or dismantling. The design principles for Sense System (48 volt) and LightLight (12 volt) are initially the same.

Using the Buschfeld adapter provided, the ceiling track is mounted beneath the ceiling or on the wall. The dimensions are extremely compact: the mounted profile is a mere 10 mm wide and 34 mm high, including the mounting equipment. These dimensions enable you to plan the track layout as the infrastructure for your lighting design concept. In the case of room corners / horizontal-vertical corners – using the newly developed T-connectors in a choice of angles plus cross connectors you can change the direction of the track in a choice of three directions.

Given that ceiling track is very simple to install and does not intrude in the space to any significant degree, it is also possible to plan and install ceiling track in an existing space.

Besides the suspended version, it may also make sense to consider planning and installing a ceiling-mounted Freestyler structure. Highly recommended for this fixed mounting are Square (see photo) and Starry Sky. The modular system that Freestyler is based on is there to inspire your creativity. Design the structures to fulfil your visions. 

Use the sections of ceiling track as design elements. With our Freeforms it is entirely up to you what path you wish the track to take. Should you be working in a larger space and designing an extensive track layout, it is advisable to base your lighting design on a clearly defined infrastructure. Luminaires can then be distributed evenly along the track to provide appropriate / interesting accent lighting.

Think out of the box! The new star-shaped connectors and the 45° or 60° T-connectors provide you with even more options for fulfilling your wildest design dreams.

If your design incorporates a combination of Buschfeld track with a product from another company, in this case Fez DZ from Baltensweiler, please do not hesitate to ask us to check what is possible.

Dimensions in millimetres.

We continually refer to the modular system on which Buschfeld lighting systems are based. When it comes to your design, this means that you can define track layouts using standard track, angles and corners available. With regard to custom lengths, shaping and mounting solutions: make a rough sketch of what you are designing and send us an e-mail.

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