New Residence Bamberg

It is a huge challenge to illuminate works of art which are sensitive to light and heat. Longterm damage caused by light sources in continuous operation must be avoided at all costs. And if the exhibits are located in historically significant spaces in listed buildings, attention also needs to be paid to how the lighting is installed. An ambitious task for which the LightLight® track system, in combination with LED light sources from Soraa designed for professional applications, was predestined to be the solution.

The New Residence is a listed building with many different wings, located on the square in front of
the cathedral in Bamberg, a mediaeval city in the south of Germany.

The main issue that needed tackling was that the existing chandeliers in the exhibition spaces directed light predominantly onto the ceiling. This meant that visitors to the galleries were not able to discern details on the paintings. The multifunctional and above all lightweight LightLight® track system made for an uncompromising solution that could meet the complex lighting requirements laid down by Bavarian art collection in Bamberg as well as fulfilling standard regulations. When it came to mounting the system it was only permissible to use the existing gas pipe hooks. The ringshaped RONDO system was the obvious answer, suspended from a central point on the ceiling, which also serves as the electricity supply.

Baroque Gallery in the New Residence in Bamberg, Germany

Text: A. Schwarz, Weim​ar / Niederwalgern
Photos: M. Tewes, Berlin