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Buschfeld pendant track systems are not dependent on specific room heights or fixed ways of attaching them to the wall. Pend48 & Pend track are unbelievably flexible in application. These track systems can be installed in high-ceilinged spaces on many different levels. Feel free to expand the scenario you are designing to fulfil your visions – and your wildest dreams. The track layout can be designed to bypass power supply lines or changes in the structure of the ceiling. Spotlights mounted on the track can be directed downwards to illuminate exhibits below. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, can be provided by mounting Led Line uplighter modules in the upper section of the track. In conjunction with your planning, the underlying concept with regard to pendant mounting the track, and the track layout itself, is the same for both Sense System (48 volt) and LightLight (12 volt). The modular system, which comprises a range of system components such as corner connectors, feed points and sections of track, enables you to design a layout to meet the requirements of the given space.

Buschfeld pendant mounted track systems can be used for picture lighting as well as for providing ambient lighting in the space. The cable suspension supplied is extremely thin.

The 90° angle connector with cable suspension clearly indicates the corner in the track layout. A further alternative is freely positionable cable suspension for longer distances.

The Led Line uplighter module can be mounted on both Pend48 and Pend track. It is advisable to ensure there is a space of 500 and 700 mm between the pendant track and the ceiling. The uplighter module is installed in the 10 mm wide track. From the point of view of weight or visibility Led Line makes very little difference to the track itself – it is ultra-slimline.

Think on several levels at the same time. You can toy with the height of the space, emphasizing the height or designing the track to be positioned directly above the exhibits/works to be illuminated. Using the angle connectors, you can design the track to meander through the space or to create clearly defined frames. T- connectors and cross connectors offer you even more possibilities.

Rondon in the New Residence in Bamberg.

The Rondo48 or Rondo ring-shaped systems make for one of the most elegant Buschfeld track applications. Curved sections of track of different diameters can be combined to create chandelier structures! Celebrate the height and expanse of the space you are designing for: individual ring shapes, or even a series of large-scale ring shapes can be pendant mounted at the same or different levels.

Freestyler is a tool for creating large-scale luminous structures featuring three-dimensional geometric forms. A wide range of new configurations for individual luminous structures can be realised based on the Freestyler system: straight or curved sections of Pend48 track can be assembled and combined in highly creative ways to generate large-format structures. Above the photos show examples of Square (top) and Starry Sky (below).

If your design incorporates a combination of Buschfeld track with a product from another company, in this case Fez DZ from Baltensweiler, please do not hesitate to ask us to check what is possible.

Dimensions in millimetres.

The modular system on which Buschfeld lighting systems are based provides numerous advantages: you can design track layouts to suit your/your client’s requirements, using the standard sections of track plus the corner and angle connectors available. When it comes to custom lengths of track or mounting solutions, make a rough sketch of what you are designing and send us an e-mail.


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