Sense System: smart and sensitiv

Besides the classic LightLight® 12 V track system, now at the start of 2018 buschfeld is introducing a new system, which has been developed in line with the progressive digital world we live in: Sense System is based on 48 V DC and every system luminare is digitally addressable.
All Sense System luminaires can be quite simply switched, dimmed and programmed as required via smart phone app or an EnOcean wall switch. All kinds of complex light scenes, from functional to atmospheric lighting, can be mapped out and created to suit the space or specific requirements. The technology applied in Sense System by buschfeld is an open standard and can be networked with up to 32,000 luminaires within one building. Presence detectors and humidity sensors can also be wirelessly connected to the network – options which are especially relevant in museums or places of worship. In addition, data such as energy consumption and status quo of service life can also be transmitted to a computer or smart phone.

The Ninety-Five range of luminaires is designed for applications in public and commercial buildings. The overall range features elegant, unpretentious design. Ninety-Five is the multitasker among the new digital Sense System® luminaires and is universally applicable. As a lighting instrument, it has tool-like qualities. Thus versatile lighting solutions can be created for an interior world, which is increasingly demanded by space concepts based on flexible use. Ideal for creating a special atmosphere in a space or for illuminating high-ceilinged spaces. Plus, Ninety-Five can highlight objects or specific areas in the space from a distance. Ninety-Five delivers sparkling white light for optimum colour rendering.

It is part of Buschfeld‘s DNA to continually improve the technical and design quality of luminaires for the illumination of pictures and artwork. The Sense System® Fifty range from Buschfeld represents a new generation of picture lighting fixtures. And not only because they feature a CRI of 95, the best colour rendering in their class. Thanks to its timeless and elegant design the Fifty range is a highly versatile solution. Whether it is about creating scenarios that can be adapted to suit the flexible use of a space, or light for a kitchen, an office space or a cosy living-room: pendant mounted in the track system above a desk, table or kitchen unit, Fifty – equipped with a high-quality light source – makes for an excellent task light for practically any application.

The Thirty-Five range is the classic among the new generation of Buschfeld spotlights. With a diameter of just 35 mm, this range features ultra-minimalist design. The new Buschfeld “micro light“. Elegant, pure and timeless in design. Reduced to the essential down to the smallest detail. With the maximum LED light output a housing of this size can handle. Thirty-Five combines state-of-the-art digital control technology and high-quality lighting in the most compact form.