Full House: Design by Stefan Diez

The architecture of the MAKK poses a very special challenge when it comes to developing a lighting concept, given that the entrance area leads directly into the main exhibition space. Stefan Diez’s prime concern was: “How do we encourage the visitor entering this huge space to start perceiving details?” What was needed was a highly versatile and adaptive lighting solution to support the exhibition design in the space. To be able to show the products designed by Diez Office to their best advantage, both when viewed close up or from a distance. Or to subtly generate atmosphere.

New Order von Hay als 15 m hohe Struktur

Buschfeld installed a total of 302 metres of LightLight track. The absolute highlight: customised New Order shelving units with seamlessly integrated light. A furniture innovation perfected down to the last detail thanks to the good cooperation between Diez Office, Hay and Buschfeld. The shelving units were constructed in such a way that Stefan Diez was able to decide whether Led Strips or spotlights mounted on LightLight® track were to be applied. Everything looked pleasantly and uniformly bright, but it was not immediately possible to see where the light was coming from. 

[Translate to English:] Für eine Einsatzvariante des MAX Strahlers haben wir die Schienenhöhe des Lichtsystems von 28 auf 17 mm gekürzt, damit sie in die Aluböden von Hay eingesetzt werden konnten. 
[Translate to English:] Erstmals wurde LED STRIP gezeigt.

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Photos: G. Kellermann, C. Meyer