Bird´s fly

Homage to the fascinating flight of birds. For his showroom in the Design Post Cologne, Buschfeld presented another product fusion with Ingo Maurer at the imm Cologne 2020: For the first time, Lucellino
luminaires, whose handmade white feather wings are reminiscent of a bird, are combined with the thin tracks of the smart Sense System - made possible by a specially manufactured Buschfeld adapter hidden in the track.

The white track setup in the Design Post swings like the paths of a bird's flight - sometimes in small, sometimes in larger curves or in a straight route - elegantly and  easily through the space in the gallery of the arched hall.
This route is based on a further special feature: the seamless joining of shorter track sections with large and small radii creates the charming dynamics that reproduce the lines of a bird's flight. In addition, the orientation of the rail profile changes again and again. This allows the graceful Lucellino luminaires to be inserted into the track in different ways, making them visible from a new perspective again and again and creating the joyful dynamics of a bird's flight.

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