Flames is all I see

You can plan a lot. But coincidence often brings the unexpected new direction. So also as Buschfeld and the manufacturer Ingo Maurer meet at imm Cologne 2019 in the Design Post, exchange ideas and openly spin ideas. It is one of those special encounters that are just right. Where sympathy and Find synergy equally. Detached from potential hurdles, the vision for an extraordinary cooperation quickly emerges.

[Translate to English:] Der Lüster Flames is all I see im Entree der Design Post Köln.

The first result and experimental "proof of concept" is the chandelier "Flames is all I see" based on the buschfeld light track designed exclusively for the entrance hall of the Design Post Cologne. The fascinating light installation will celebrate its premiere during the imm cologne 2020. Adapted to its surroundings at the Design Post, the chandelier, which consists of five light track levels, comes completely in black. Both light tracks and the light candles
developed by Moritz Waldemeyer for Ingo Maurer feature the same dark tone. Thus the chandelier appears to float, only the lights come to light.

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