"Parklandschaften" photos by Constantin Meyer

Exhibitions are generally staged in museums or galleries. However, some-times works of art need to be shown in a completely different context, in an unusual location. For example, in an underground garage in Cologne, as in the case of the “Parklandschaften” (English: Park landscapes) exhibition by Constantin Meyer. In a rough, almost primitive space of this kind the presentation of art work is highly dependent on the lighting. Buschfeld supported the “Parklandschaften” project with a truly customised lighting concept.

[Translate to English:] Je nach Bildgröße werden die Leuchten SHOP und POSTER zur Beleuchtung ausgewählt.
[Translate to English:] Leuchten SHOP und POSTSER

On the occasion of the „Photoszene Köln“ photo festival in Cologne in 2016, Design Post Deutz, a spectacular showroom for interior design projects, staged the “Parklandschaften” exhibition, showing the works of the Cologne-based architectural photographer Constantin Meyer in their undergrou garage. The photos on exhibit were of the roofs of multi-storey car parks. Everyone is aware of these functional places, but no-one really takes any conscious notice of them. People and cars are not to be seen in the images. A total of 40 photos taken with a large-format camera were on show in the carefully arranged setting. A large number of them are pictures of multi-storey car park roofs in cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Buschfeld installed the LightLight Wall track system along the entire length of the ceiling in the Design Post car park. The track system has proven its worth as a solution for lighting pictures and art works in both private and public spaces for decades. The low-voltage track is based on a modular system and lends itself for application in classic as well as highly sophisticated spatial environments. LightLight luminaires can be mounted anywhere on the track without tools. Buschfeld opted to use Shop and Poster luminaires for the project, since both feature clear forms and timeless design, and positioned them on the track so that the photographic works were illuminated to an optimum in accordance with the wishes of the artist. With this installation Buschfeld showed that it is possible to transform spaces, even underground garages, and lend them a completely different atmosphere – also on a temporary basis. LightLight Wall track was fastened to the wall easily using the mounting clips provided, and the underground garage thus modified to create the optimum venue in which to present the “Parklandschaften” exhibition.

[Translate to English:] FLEX Strahler an einer schwarzen CEILING Schiene

Fotos: Constantin Meyer, Köln