Rondo Fano 2 at the Hotel Westin Grand Frankfurt

The elegance of glass in the ballroom of the Westin Grand Frankfurt hotel. Rondo Fano is a collaboration between Isabel Hamm Licht and Buschfeld Design. We have been working together for many years on the aesthetic Rondo Fano chandeliers. Typical for its many individual glass elements. Now we have had the privilege of working together on the ballroom of the Westin Grand Frankfurt. The lighting concept and planning was done by Studio Lux, Berlin.

The basis for the Rondo Fano is the Buschfeld light track as a double ring with two Led Line uplights. For each of the 12 chandeliers, 330 glass elements were hand crafted and placed on the circles. The light emerges from the upper channels of the tracks and is reflected several times in the glass elements. The result is a very atmospheric illumination that can be changed to suit the event and the mood of the venue. In the future, the large hall will be used for a wide variety of events, including festive gala dinners and family celebrations, as well as seminars and workshops.

Each individual chandelier is suspended centrally by six wire ropes, with height adjustment or levelling possible by means of rope nozzles. The control gear required for the secondary power supply is housed in the suspended ceiling. A cover in a special paint on the ceiling of the hall conceals the suspension of the chandelier and allows the glass to speak for itself as an eye-catcher. 

With this order volume, intensive coordination is a prerequisite for successful realisation. So first the basic structures of the chandeliers were assembled and in a second step the almost 4000 glass elements were positioned. The variously shaped Y- and X-glasses create a seemingly random sequence that is quite typical of Rondo Fano.

12 "Rondo Fano 2" chandeliers 
with Led Line uplight modules in both arcs,approx. 4.8 m Led band per chandelier. 
3000 K; 3000 lm/m; 38 W/m and CRI 95 
Cover plate for wire suspension and control gear customised in shape and finish.

behind the scenes
Special production for this project: Ceiling canopy in special colour

Location: Westin Grand Frankfurt | Ball room
Lighting planner: Studio Lux, Berlin
Glas Design: Isabel Hamm Licht 

Photos  Set-up: Isabel Hamm
Photos Ball room:  Westin Grand Frankfurt

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