Villa Franz Erhardt Walter in Fulda

A listed villa from the Wilhelminian period is the exhibition venue for the early work of the exceptional artist Franz Erhard Walther in Fulda.
In order to focus exclusively on the art in the Villa Franz Erhardt Walter, there are no luminaires to catch the eye. In the small exhibition rooms with limited room height, not many lighting systems come into question. Ingenieure Bamberger found the solution in our Pend48 pendant tracks with Led Line Uplight.

This minimalistic concept was followed very consequently up to the safety luminaires. The design of the systems makes additional safety luminaires superfluous. Here in Fulda, attention was also paid to a largely reduced appearance in the exterior. With its minimal use of materials and the implementation of the requirements for the star city of Fulda, the lighting system fulfills an important aspect of sustainability. 

Villa Franz Erhardt Walter is a project by Ingenieure Bamberger from Pfünz.

Thanks to strong reduction of the suspension, the light structures seem to float.

Basic lighting
Pendant tracks, Pend48
Led Line, uplight module in the pendant tracks, 3.900 K, CRI 95
Casambi control system
The rope suspensions were filigree adapted for the historical ceilings. 

Optional addition of spotlights is possible.

In addition to the diffuse lighting, the power track offers the option of using targeted spotlights. The changing design of the exhibits can thus be individually accentuated at any time.
For the filigree, discreet power track system with LED lines radiating upwards, the distance widths to the wall were precisely calculated. This allows a largely homogeneous light pattern to be achieved on the walls.
The distance between the light structures and the ceiling was again adapted on site to the spatial conditions with regard to the sightline in each individual room. In this way, the most suitable positioning for the overall impression of the room could be achieved in all visible axis and perspectives.
The entrance area of the listed villa is gently illuminated by a linear profile with LEDs shining upwards. The historic ceiling staged in this way is wonderfully accentuated by this minimal solution.
Inside and outside, the lighting has an effect. The luminaires step back to illuminate the rooms undisturbed.

Visit the Collection Seng of the Franz Erhard Walther Foundation in the 
Villa Franz Erhard Walther in Fulda or digital Villa FEW 

Lighting design and concept: Engineers Bamberger, Pfünz
Photos: Michael Bamberger, IG Bamberger