Museum of Copenhagen

A beautiful welcoming atmosphere.
In the stairwell of the City Museum, a light installation welcomes visitors. A narrow stele stretches an impressive 11 meters into the air. A custom-made design by Buschfeld, consisting of light tracks and "Fifty" luminiares as well as hand-blown glass panes by Agnes Slott-Møller, which reflect incident light. The design by JAC Studios and lighting designers Fortheloveoflight is an elegant solution for rooms whose walls and ceilings do not allow for mounting. Hand-blown glass panes are installed along the slender light structure that guides visitors through the staircase to the upper exhibition areas, corresponding in context with the elaborate wall paintings. 

Fortheloveoflight's lighting design encompasses the entire museum with great sensitivity to architectural and technical requirements. The new exhibition design is conceived as a collage of objects, light, colours and exhibits. In addition to the elaborate reconstruction of the entire building, great importance was attached to the staging of the site. Fortheloveoflight focus on staging with the help of digital lighting control from Xicato, as well as perfect lighting quality of the luminaires and purely functional light tracks discreetly integrated into the object.

Follow the lighting designer and founder of Fortheloveoflight Nikolaj Birkelund on a tour.

Stairway structure
Design: Fortheloveoflight / JAC Studio
Custom-made lightung structure with 11 meters height, including special telescopic arms for fixing in the stair eye, fastening adapter for the hand-blown glass panels
Surface: black
Luminaires: Fifty S (as custom made, incl. shade and Soraa Snap System) 

Wall Luminaire X01
Design: Fortheloveoflight
Custom-made complete wall light: aluminum elements flanking the Buschfeld light track, height 2.85 meters
incl. accommodation of the control gear
Luminaires: Ninety-Five S (custom-made, incl. shade and Soraa Snap System).

Special exhibition and cafe
Pendant track system Pend48; surface alumatt
Custom-made flexible T-connectors, these allow rails to be connected to form a grid
Luminaires: Ninety-Five S (custom-made, incl. shade and Soraa Snap System)

Luminaire for exponat table
Ceiling48, surface alumatt, custom-made wall mount
Luminaires: Thirty-Five S (custom-made, incl. shade)

Lighting control: Xicato
Beam angle: Spots with Soraa Snap System TM and filters and louvers
                     Flood 25° and 36°
Colour temperature: 3000 K   
CRI: 95
Custom design: centric fixtures

The light installation in the eye of the staircase is the central feature. A view of the staircase.
Design by Fortheloveoflight: Wall luminiare X01, a custom made product for the Copenhagen City Museum.
A "velkommen" for visitors. (Wall luminaires X01)
Buschfeld pendant tracks and Ninety-Five spots beneath the hand-painted wooden ceiling in the museum shop.

Make a visit on site Museum of Copenhagen: Stormgade 18, DK- 1555 København  
or digital: Københavns Museum 

Video: Longfei Wang
Photos: Adam Mørk, Fortheloveoflight, JAC Studios 
Exhibition Architect, concept: JAC Studios (architects)
Lighting designer, concept: Fortheloveoflight (lighting designers)
Hand-blown glass elements: Anders Raad (glass artist)
Wooden parts: Vermland (designers and cabinet-makers)
Electrical Installation and build: SIF Group (electricians)
Programming: Control Dept. (lighting control specialists)