lightlight luminaires

Buschfeld and LightLight® stand for clear formal language, high functionality and timeless aesthetics, independent of fashionable trends. The careful selection of high-quality components, coupled with high-precision workman-ship, guarantee consistent quality and flawless functionality for decades. While light sources may change and luminaire designs be adapted, the LightLight system remains constant.– a sustainable solution.

In order to be able to view and grasp the meaning of pictures in their entirety, the lighting applied needs to be finetuned to the individual work of art. Not simply light for light’s sake, but light that allows the art work to communicate its spirit or sense to an optimum so that the viewer can truly experience details, colours, structures and all their nuances. Achieving all this was the goal when Professor Hans Buschfeld launched his 12 Volt light track system in 1989. LightLight® Wall, the first product. The low-voltage track system that enables pictures to be both hung and illuminated – minimalist, functional design, with the highest standards with regard to materials and workmanship. 

Every work of art is different and therefore demands different lighting requirements. The same applies to spaces and architecture. Which is why flexibility and modularity have always been regarded as further essential qualities of the LightLight system, right from the start: wall, pendant and ceiling-mounted track is available in straight or curved sections. LightLight is based on a modular concept that can combine a variety of luminaires and spotlights, equipped with a choice of shades if required. It can also accommodate LED strip lighting modules and enable the creation of chandelier-type structures.