The architectural visions of Ömer Pekin

As an architect with rich experience in Istanbul, Ömer Pekin draws upon his passion for architecture and art to create projects of unparalleled beauty and sophistication. His works leave us in awe, showcasing the perfect blend of form, function, and aesthetics.

A standout feature of Ömer Pekin's work is his creative interpretation of design elements. He transforms and customizes Buschfeld tracks and luminaires repeatedly to seamlessly integrate them into his exceptional projects.

A particularly impressive example is his project 'Kusadasi', where Ömer Pekin presents our modern chandelier, Parrot, in spacious staircases. Parrot floats lightly and unobtrusively, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting technology that creates a magical atmosphere. In the house's salon, he bends the Ceiling48 track in an elegant arc and fixes it flat under the ceiling. The pendant luminaires Fifty fix L and Spots Fifty side S are coordinated with the flat track configuration, contributing to the creation of a harmonious spatial experience. The Fifty Mono L light fixture adds additional light accents, enriching the space with its subtle elegance.

Ömer Pekin's projects are not only architectural masterpieces but also sources of inspiration for those who appreciate beauty and innovation.

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The Parrot chandelier and Ninety-Five S spot lights hover in the space.

Chandelier Parrot
- Ø=1500 mm and 800 mm, custom made
- surface alumatt
- luminaires Ninety-Five S, 3000 K, 9° beam angle
- Snap System: 60° filter and louver
- Bigbox Pend/Ceiling48 | 150, alumatt, control gear

Ceiling48, mounted flat
- bended track, alumatt, Ø 18600 mm, L 3800 mm
- with flat clip mounted under the ceiling
- luminaires Fifty fix L, custom made: side, L=1200mm, 3000 K, with 15 °beam angle Snap
- luminaires Fifty side S, 3000 K, with 15 ° beam angle Snap
- Snap System: 60° filter and louver

Fifty Mono L | recessed mounted
- individual luminaire, cover plate, black
- 3000 K, mit 15 ° beam angle Snap
- Snap System: 60° filter

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The Ceiling48 track bends gently and lies flat under the ceiling.
go to Fifty fix L Fifty fix L pendant light: customised side version. Two small Fifty side S spotlights can be seen at the top left.
The Fifty Mono L luminaire sets subtle lighting accents and lends the room an understated elegance.