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You are looking to integrate smart lighting control into your exhibition spaces or presentation facilities?  – Buschfeld uses Xicato products for Sense System applications in professional spaces to enable the control of large-scale lighting scenarios or groups of luminaires, and to record and transfer data.

The California-based company Xicato has been developing and producing LED light sources with a special focus on colour consistency and extremely high quality with regard to colour rendering and reliability since 2007. Qualities that are highly relevant in professional environments such as museums. Xicato Controls now also comprise smart radio lighting controls and control software. Xicato is the first manufacturer to combine radio mesh technology and Beacon technology in one LED driver module. This allows the luminaires to be interconnected within one network so they can communicate with one another – without having to lay additional cables, etc.

- control of groups of luminaires
- control of lighting scenarios
- dynamic lighting
- sensor technology
- programming of timelines
- determines the conditions for sensors, actuators (recording, forwarding of data)


- international radio standard switch
- conventional switch with radio module
- sensors
- apps on mobile devices
- PC-based

- interfaces to conventional control technologies, if required
- gateway for IP
- integration and interface to building management systems (BMS)
- interconnection of building zones via Ethernet
- subsequent integration of further radio components

- open radio standard
- 32,000 radio participants per network
- more than 16,000 groups possible
- over 65,000 scenarios possible
- can be extended via a gateway, if required

- records all operating data for every participant
- data can be used for value
- added services
- stand-alone system without master module or cloud server
- beacon technology for realising app-based applications

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