• Installation

For installation following tools are required:

Steps to be undertaken to install the power feed.
Work is not to be carried out on live parts. System component only suitable for use in Sense System with 48 V DC safety extra-low voltage.

1. Prepare the textile cable: cable diameter 7 mm maximum. Measure 25 mm along the cable and and wrap adhesive tape round a section to prevent fraying of the fabric braiding of the cable.

2. Strip the outer insulation of the cable – be careful not to damage the insulation of the wires!

3. Strip the individual wires (6 mm) and equip with 0.75 mm² wire end sleeves without collars.

4. Take the end power feed and loosen the strain relief screw (using an SL 0.4 x 2.5 screwdriver) and the cross-head screw (using a PH 1 cross-head screwdriver) in order to disconnect the end feed. Then loosen the headless screws (srewdriver: H 1,5).

5. Run the cable through the cover.

6. Screw the wires into place – connecting the brown wire to the + pol. Tighten the headless screws (using an H 1.5 screwdriver).

7. Close off the end feed. Tighten the cross-head screw (using a PH 1 screwdriver). Then tighten the strain relief (using an SL 0.4 x 2.5 screwdriver).

8. Connect track and end feed and fix firmly into place by tightening the screw located beneath the track in an anti-clockwise direction (using an H 2 screwdriver).