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freestyler: light in new structures

It was the development of a completely new type of track connector based on star-shaped connectors that led to the design idea behind Freestyler. Given the number of “rays” and flat curved sections of track, the structures have detached themselves completely from the hitherto limiting dimensions of length and breadth. With this now comes the space.

This enables the creation of many new configurations and shapes for the design of individual, lightweight luminous objects: straight sections of track can become three-dimensional, cubic or star-shaped structures. And curved sections of track can give rise to spheres, oval or new interpretations of classic chandeliers – huge but ultra-slimline sculptures can be constructed in a modular fashion to fill spaces practically entirely. Perfect for the design of spacious foyers and large, hall-like spaces. Freestyler can be used to design a star-shaped structure of up to 50 square metres, or to realise spherical sculptures of up to four metres, or ring-shaped luminaires with a diameter of up to 12 metres.

A range of different luminaire heads, delivering functional or decorative light, can be installed in the luminous objects without tools. Thanks to smart technology
they can be interconnected and addressed individually in order to generate the appropriate solution to suit the required atmosphere. Given their modular design, which buschfeld is famous for, the structures can all be assembled on site. This, in turn, means all components are easy to pack and transport.

Photos: N. Miguletz, Frankfurt and C. Meyer, Cologne