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Relaunch SLE Soraa Light Engines by Buschfeld

After the acquisition of Soraa by Ecosense Lighting LLC in March 2020 and the integration of the retrofit portfolio with Ecosense, Buschfeld Design GmbH, located in Cologne, has taken over the production of the SLE series - Soraa Light Engines. The production of the Soraa Retrofit series remains with Soraa under the new leadership of Ecosense. The Soraa lighting portfolio has been discontinued.

Since early 2022, Soraa has been using the new Full Spectrum GaN on GaNTM LED generation, which will also be used in the SLE by Buschfeld along with the patented Soraa SNAP ENHANCETM accessories and optics. For the new Soraa LED generation, the SLE has been redesigned by us, while maintaining the same outer dimensions as the original SLE30, SLE16 and SLE11.

The SLE by Buschfeld are produced at our headquarters in Cologne using original Soraa components.
- Use of the original optical lens systems from Soraa
- Use of original Soraa COB

Target audience
- Lighting designers, OEM customers, manufacturers, project customers

Product features
- Interchangeable COB LED with a quick-release mechanism, no soldering required
- Recyclable
- Repairable
- Modular kit system
- special Casambi and Xicato Controls LED driver
- Rework capability for previously supplied Soraa SLE
- Wide range of applications
- Customization options for the heat sink
- Special coating options, custom anodizing
- ETL tested

All Light Engines by Buschfeld generally offer excellent color rendering with a CRI of +93. The sophisticated and patented Soraa optics enable precise and exceptional control of the beam angle, ranging from 9° narrow spotlight to 36° wide beam options. Light Engines by Buschfeld with 9°, 10°, and 15° beam angles are equipped with the patented original Soraa Snap technology. This allows for flexible adjustment and correction of the module's beam angle and color temperature. 


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