Soraa Snap System "Small"

The Soraa Snap System "small" offers filters to simply attach to Buschfeld luminaires: Fifty, SLE16 and MR16 lamps from Soraa. Please make sure your choice indicates a beam angle of 15° and Snap System.

You may combine filters and the honeycomb louver.
Article numbers can be found in the sketches belo

Soraa has developed the patented Snap SystemTM for its narrow beam 9°, 10 or 15° lamps. These have a self-centering magnet for fixing various filter attachments without tools, which can be used to direct the light and change the color temperature. In addition, a honeycomb louver can be added to limit glare.

Buschfeld´s portfolio includes the Soraa Retrofit lamps AR111 and MR16 with Snap System. With the start of production of the Soraa Light Engines (SLE) and the adaptation into the Sense System, Buschfeld can offer the advantages of the Snap System also for its own luminaires Ninety-Five and Fifty, as well as SLE 30 and SLE16.

All this means maximum flexibility up to the point of installation of the luminaires.

Beam angle circular
The beam angle can be adjusted from 15° to 17°, 25°, 36° or 60°. Use in any application where reducing the number of beam angle SKUs is required. Reduces inventory costs. Shortens specification, design, sales cycles. Provides maximum flexibility up to the time of installation.

Beam angle oval
The beam angle can be adjusted from 15° to 10°-25°,  10°-36° or 10°-60°. For the creation of asymmetric light beams, in particular for the illumination of linear objects. Given the oval shape of the light beam from just one light source per exhibit, fewer luminaires are required.

Beam angle rectangular    
The circular shape of the 15° light beam is modified to generate a rectangular shaped beam: for square light fields on walls and floors. Uniform spread of light across the designated surface. No light fade along the edges.

Honeycomb louver for glare control
Eliminates high angle glare, making light beams disappear in downlight applications. Reduces angular intensity to 0.1% of peak at 40° full angle. Fits around lamp face.

Shifting colour temperature
For shifting the colour temperature to simulate dimmable warm white lighting conditions. Also on a temporary basis, for example on festive occasions.

Colour enhancement filter
Filter for enhanced colour quality. Increases the vibrance of warm colours (red, orange and pink) and green. Ideal for applications where different colours need to be rendered perfectly. Underscores the richness of colours. Recommended use with CCTs of 3000K and 2700K. Recommend that the Enhance be combined with either a Honeycomb Louver Snap or with a Beam Spreader Snap. 

Transparent filter
Use together with gel and dichroic filters for total colour freedom. Produce the exact mood and effect for any environment with this transparent / clear filter accessory. 

Aim filter
Designed with two lenses the Aim Snap bends the beam from 0° to maximum deflection angle of 20°, while maintaining uniform and consistent color and shape.