• Sense System

One or more control gear units are required for all Sense System track to ensure the standard 230V power supply is regulated to take 48V equipment. You can select between control gear in a design housing for visible mounting or control gear for concealed mounting. The sum of the total wattage plus the length of the track serve as a basis for the number of control gear units required. Here we provide you with the general technical data required when designing 48 volt Sense System lighting systems.


Control gear for concealed mounting is frequently applied in drywall construction or for installations in new buildings. This definitely makes sense in the case of large, powerful control gear units (e.g. 150 or 320 watt gear). This ensures that the overall aesthetic quality of the slimline track remains intact. Control gear for visible mounting is supplied in a design housing and can be mounted directly onto the track. Such control gear is ideal for temporary, permanent or subsequent installation.


The control gear for visible mounting is designed to align with Buschfeld track systems. As a result, there is a distinction between the control gear for Wall48 and Pend/Ceiling48. The primary line contained in the transparent silver connecting cable is routed from the ceiling or wall outlet to the switched-mode power supply, concealed Buschfeld adapter feed included. When designing a Pend48 system additional cable suspension is required for the control gear. When using Ceiling48 it is also important to make sure it is positioned beneath a ceiling adapter. In the case of In48 recessed track it makes sense to use control gear for concealed mounting. 


The Sense System light engines Ninety-Five, Fifty and Thirty-Five can operate on two different wattages (depending on the lighting control: basic on/off vs. Casambi / Xicato controls). In order to determine what kind of control gear would be most suitable, count the number of luminaires to be applied and calculate their total wattage per section of track. Short sections of track with few luminaires require only small control gear modules. Data concerning power consumed by luminaires can be found under Lighting control / Power consumption, and for control gear in the table Overview of control gear. The last columns in the table indicate refer to Type of lighting control / Luminaire range / Number of luminaires that can be applied.


For Sense System, system lengths of up to 15 m are quoted from the control gear to the last luminaire. For longer sections of track the power feed must be ensured through the provision of additional control gear.


Plan the entire layout of the lighting system you are designing and position the luminaires according to the lighting design concept. It is important to make sure that the total power consumption of the luminaires and the length of the track applied is not exceeded. Sections of track that are too long can be separated using insulated connectors. Once a further control gear unit has been added to the system, further luminaires can be mounted on the track.


In spite of all the innovative mobile lighting control options via smartphones, we have not yet completely given up on light switches / wall switches next to the door. Sense System wall switches, which are available as Buschfeld accessories, send data/signals to the luminaires via international radio standard. Which means that you can switch the light as required without having to resort to a mobile device. The functions provided by the wall switch have also become increasingly complex: entire lighting scenarios and/or dimming can be programmed. And the switches work without being directly connected to the power circuit by means of Kinetic Energy Harvesting or powered by batteries. This makes it possible to position the switches to meet special requirements, for example directly next to a window, or at a lower height so they are accessible for wheelchair users. Whether you are looking to create a cosy atmosphere for a dinner with friends or adequate task light above a kitchen worktop, if you have programmed the settings into the switch beforehand you can achieve the right light literally at the touch of a switch.


Whether mounted on the ceiling or as a separate module alongside the track – both versions can be applied with control gear for concealed mounting. – We are happy to discuss details re. positioning and installation with you.