rondo fano 1 recessed

Design: Isabel Hamm, Hans Buschfeld

- Ø 850 mm
- 4 luminaires sourced with VIVID LEDs
- 138 handmade transparent glass elements
- 4 suspension wires, hollow wall box and cover plate

system category

  • track PEND
  • Creative Collection

Art.-No. 96501

track PEND, Creative Collection

The glass elements are arranged in dense rows, like delicate, crystalline swallows perched in a circle. Glass designer Isabel Hamm uses LightLight® RONDO as a current-carrying structure. RONDO FANO 1 comprises 138 handmade glass elements applied to a ring. Four luminaires sourced with state-of-the-art LED technology transform the chandelier into a glittering mass, generating a wealth of fascinating shadows in the surrounding space. Larger diameters and straight stretches of track can be manufactured on request.

On request, RONDO FANO 1 can be supplied with more than the above-mentioned luminaires. Other diameters are also possible.

Dimmer recommendation Article: 90137
Multifunction universal dimmer switch for installation in switch boxes on the input side for electronic and inductive voltage transformers. Can be combined with switches from any manufacturer