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The dry construction profile (aluminium profile) needs to already have been installed in the dry wall construction in order for the track to be subsequently recess mounted. Once the surface has been plastered and painted, all that remains visible is a 10 mm wide line. Standard applications and dimensions are shown in the diagram above.


There are many different ways of combining and extending recessed track. The cross-section drawing above enables you to maintain an overview of what options are available. The recessed track (A) is clicked into the dry construction profile (B) with the aid of a mounting clip (C). The control gear cables are run through cable ducts (D) on both sides of the section of track leading to further power supply outlets. This may well be necessary in the case of extremely long stretches of track. Or when sections of recessed track alternate with Led Strip modules. The dry construction profile is fixed to the substructure (E) via its "wings". It is also possible to recess mount the track vertically on the wall or to run it horizontally and vertically round the corners of a space.


The new version of the dry construction edging profile is practically the same as the standard version (see above). However, using this profile, you can position the track at the edge of the space and illuminate the room from the "shadow gap". Important for subsequent planning: select luminaires with a cantilever arm, i.e. luminaires for application on Wall48 or Wall track.


In this case, the recessed track is mounted using a special clip: mounting clip for in-part recess mounting (C). This clip allows the recessed track to extend 5 mm beyond the edge of the groove the dry construction profile is installed in. Standard recessed track protrudes just 1 mm from the wall/ceiling, thus revealing only a narrow line marking the edge of the track. 


As of 2018, it now not only possible to install Buschfeld track, but also Led Strip (L). Led Strip refers to slimline linear LED modules of a defined length. The modules can be interconnected to form an uninterrupted line of light. In the case of longer distances between the control gear and power supply outlets cables can be run through the parallel cable ducts (D). Special mounting brackets are screwed into the dry construction profile and the Led Strip module clicked magnetically into place.


The combination of light track (A) and Led Strip (L) gives you a wide range of options to work with track-mounted spotlights and wide area lighting using Led Strip modules. Both components can be placed immediately next to each other, if required. When planning your track layout, please take note of where the feed points are located.


Buschfeld recessed track is also designed for recess mounting in shelves. Mounting clips are first screwed into place in a groove (10.5 mm wide / 40 mm deep) in the shelf. It takes some space to accommodate the track in the groove, so you may have to make sure the groove has a greater depth. Once the power feed track is connected, it can simply be pushed firmly into the groove.